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Showing posts with label GATE. Show all posts

Wednesday 17 November 2021

Gate Entrance Exam: Study Materials (ME,EE, ECE, CE, CSE)


Gate Overview

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is an entrance test organized and taken jointly by the 7 IITs. Names are as follows: Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Guwahati, Madras, Roorkee, and Kanpur. Also, the IISc Banglore is the part of that organization for conducting the examination. IIT Kharagpur has the responsibility to announce the time table or any other official information regarding the GATE Exam. Such as the announcement of GATE Syllabus, Bourche, etc.


Analog Electronics
GEO Tech
Industrial Engineering
Metrology & Inspection
GATE Study Material is a resource that helps GATE aspirants to prepare for the exam. There are plenty of materials available as study materials for GATE candidates. A few of them are GATE Mock test, Previous Year Question, Core Subjects, Reasoning (Verbal and Analytical Both), MCQs, etc. One good thing about this study material is that it is available here for free of cost. We are providing all the GATE Study Materials for free of cost. These are accurate, clear and concise, and prepared by the experts of each subject. Using these study materials will allow candidates to examine their preparation level from time to time, learn new tips and tricks for attempting the questions, it will help aspirants in every single aspect from the study perspective. You can visit the links mentioned here and can download them with ease

Tuesday 17 September 2019

GATE 2020 A Complete Guide | Registration Opened | Apply Now

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Benefits Of GATE

GATE, as we all know, is an exam that tests a student’s basic understanding towards the various undergraduate subjects in engineering and sciences. It opens a number of opportunities for you to pursue in life. The exam score helps you in walking towards the renowned universities in not just India, but Universities of Singapore and Germany also prefer Gate qualified individuals. Apart from academic advancement, GATE secures your future by enabling you for number jobs in PSUS, Research Centers, Universities and other technical fields. Keeping its results aside, the mere preparation of this exam helps you in preparing for Indian Engineering Services. Well, to find out more about how you can use your GATE score, scroll down…

PSUs Through GATE

The GATE score not only opens the doors to a variety of post graduate programs but many Public Sector Undertakings like NTPC Limited, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited, NHPC Limited, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, GAIL limited, Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, Container Corporation of India Ltd. , Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., MECON Limited, Delhi Development Authority, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Bharat Electronics Limited, Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited, etc. have also preferred GATE qualified candidates over others. In 2013, it was observed that PSUs recruited their new employees based on their GATE score only. Since then, it has become a trend that the companies have been following. It is now believed that in the near future, the remaining state companies would also take the same route for their recruitments.

Research Institutes Hiring Through GATE

As the times are changing, there has been an increasing scope of recruitment in the R & D departments of various technological companies. In laboratories like Counsel of Scientific and Industrial Research, GATE qualified engineers have been made eligible for the award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and Senior Research Fellowship (SRF). Such fellowships are paid, and the stipend generally is between Rs 15,000- Rs 20,000.

BARC Recruitment

Today a number of institutes including Bhabha Atomic Research Center have shifted their inclination to the GATE qualified students. The institute also offers various paid courses where the student is given a monthly stipend of around Rs 15,000- Rs 2,000. Courses that are termed as self-supporting courses, in BARC also ask for your GATE score card, now.

Scholarships through GATE

In order to promote post graduate programs in India, GATE students are offered a Scholarship/ Assistance ship, where the students are paid Rs 11,800 per month by the MHRD so as to provide financial assistance to the candidates during their degree.

Library Funds

Library fund is a monthly allowance of 5000 rupees, to the students pursuing a master’s degree in technology/ engineering from the universities as approved by UGC or AICET. The allowance is provided so as to sponsor their books, notes, CDs during the listed courses.

M.Tech Through GATE

As we’ve been discussing how a master’s degree adds weight to your profile, thus, it is very important that it has also been done from a well-known college/ university. Therefore, in case you missed your opportunity of studying at IITs, NITs and IIITs in you early teens GATE gives you another chance to be a student of these prestigious institutes.

Career in Top MNCs After GATE

More than walk ins, placement drives are a preferred route taken by companies like Google, CISCO, TATA, SKODA, Maruti, LG electronics, Siemens, Samsung etc for recruitment. Being the best in the market they look for the best too, thus they only visit universities like IITs, IIITs, NITs, Vellore, PEC, DCE, Thappar Univeristy etc. As a post graduate, with a step ahead from the graduates, you are a better paid and preferred candidate by the said companies.

Teaching Jobs After GATE

For the teaching jobs, degrees like ME and MTech is a mandate, and for a placement in various universities like; Indus University, Sharda University, Amity University, Lovely university and Arni University, etc, GATE score is what is required. To be a professor in these universities, you need to be a student of a well reputed college, where the mentioned universities visit for campus placements. These jobs are highly paid and the designation that you get is of an assistant professor.

Study Visa Through GATE

In my opinion there is no such exam like GATE, it can change your life forever. The Gate score not only makes you eligible for a master’s degree, but it gives you an edge over the others when it comes to recruitment with the said companies. It secures a job for you in various technical fields as well as that of a teacher, professor, etc. Not just this, but GATE score enables you to pursue your post graduate degree from various institutes outside the country also, like National School of Singapore, University of Munich, Germany, etc. thus making space for you in an industry outside India.
All your dream companies are today recruiting on the basis of the GATE results, thus offering highly paid jobs. It is an opportunity that secures your placement chances by 200%.
I’m sure just by a Glance at these benefits; you want to know more GATE Exam and Tips to Crack GATE Exam. Well, you can simply visit Engineers Career Group (GATE Coaching in Chandigarh) for more information and Free Career counseling Advice.


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